DD1a – The Demon Idol Diorama Pack


Product Description

This is a special pack to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Otherworld Miniatures, a diorama pack inspired by the iconic cover painting of adventurers looting an evil temple. This set includes a resin casting of our original DD1 Demon Idol which is 84mm tall to the tip of its horns. It has a seperate hand/bowl piece, and is supplied with a selection of coloured gemstone eyes. The pack also includes several pewter-cast pieces; 2 thieves, a stone altar, 2 flaming braziers (the flames are cast as a seperate piece, so the braziers can be used with or without them), a seperate mini-idol, a sacrificial dagger and an iron spike for the climbing thief. The Idol was sculpted by Paul Muller, the accessories by Kevin Adams. The paved floor section shown with the painted model is not included. It was produced by Manor House Workshop, in Italy.