FF02 – Balthus Dire (Limited Edition)



This is our second miniature commissioned by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone, creators of the Fighting Fantasy range of game-books, to commemorate the second Fighting Fantasy Fest held in London in 2017. It will be a limited edition casting of 1,000, available for sale for a period of 2 years.

The miniature represents Balthus Dire, evil denizen of the Citadel of Chaos and the second member of the Demonic Three, the notorious triumvirate of dread sorcerors.

This model was again sculpted by Paul Muller, inspired by the iconic drawing by Russ Nicholson. Balthus stands at 34mm tall, and is cast in pewter as a single piece casting with a separate metal base.

We hope to add further releases to our range of Official Fighting Fantasy miniatures range in the very near future.