JGDT9 – Avvakris, Merchant & Priest (2)


Product Description

This pair of models features 2 versions of the character Avvakris.

He is depicted in his 2 guises; firstly as ‘merchant baron’ and ‘leading citizen’ of the village of Mitra’s Fist, and secondly, in the full regalia of a High Priest of Set.  The miniatures stand at 30mm tall, and are both cast in pewter as single-piece models.  They are supplied with 25mm round plastic bases.

Both miniatures were sculpted by Paul Muller, based on original module art and new concept artwork by Jennell Jaquays.  The gallery photo shows the completed sculptor’s greens.  A photo of painted models will be added soon.

Expected release date is 7th December 2016.