BS5 – The Otherworld Giant




This is a huge model, standing at 170mm tall when assembled, and sculpted by John Pickford. It is a 9-part kit, now cast in resin, consisting of: torso front, torso back, left leg, right leg, left arm, right arm, right hand with tree-trunk club, 1 optional head, and base piece. The Pig-faced Orc figure in the main photo is shown for scale only, and is not included.

Also available, as a separate purchase, is an accessory pack of 5 items to hang from the Giant’s belt; a sack, treasure bag, brace of pigs, beer barrel and treasure chest.

When ordering, please state your preference of head options. Head A (bald head and long beard) is shown in the main picture. Head B (shaggy beard and horns) and Head C (shaven head with facial piercings) are shown separately.

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