About Us

Our Company

Otherworld Miniatures is a small, independent miniatures company dedicated to producing fine quality 28mm fantasy gaming miniatures for ‘old school’ roleplayers, wargamers and collectors. We have been in business since November 2006, and have so far produced ranges of Giants, Demons & Devils, Humanoid Tribes, Undead, Dungeon Vermin and Dungeon Monsters, Wilderness Encounters and Men of Evil. We have commissioned some of the best sculptors in their fields, such as Paul Muller and Kev Adams, as well as some talented newcomers to the industry like John Pickford, Jo Brumby, Matthew Bickley, Andrew Rae and Pedro Navarro. We have plans to work with other renowned artists in the future.

Our Location

We are based near Cambridge in the UK, but we are happy to supply every corner of the World with our figures! If you are a store owner, and you would like to stock our miniatures, please get in touch. Customers will always, however, find a quick and efficient service buying our products through our webstore, or by visiting our stand at occasional wargames shows and gaming conventions in the UK and Europe.  And if you’re in the area, you’d be very welcome to drop in to our office/workshop for a chat.

Our Miniatures

Our figures are sculpted in a variety of media, moulded and cast in pewter or resin, and packaged in attractive blister packs and boxes.  We describe our miniatures as 28mm, meaning that an average-sized human would stand at around 28mm tall.  However, not many of our figures are average-sized humans!  For monsters, we use a scale of 5mm on the model to represent 1 foot of height.  So a 10 foot tall Ogre would be represented by a 50mm tall miniature.  Most of our figures are modelled with ‘slotta-tabs’ and supplied with appropriate plastic bases.

If you have any suggestions about miniatures that you would like to see us produce in the future, please contact us for a chat or visit our forum, where you can also find up to date information about new releases and future plans.