DAB2 – Demi-human Male Characters (12)


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This is the second boxed set of our new range of Dungeon Adventurers, archetypal fantasy characters wearing practical clothing and armour and carrying realistic weapons and equipment.

This set represents demi-human male characters, including a Halfling Fighter and Thief, Dwarven Cleric, Fighter and Thief, a Gnome Illusionist/Thief and Fighter, Elf Fighter/Magic User and Thief, Half-elf Fighter/Thief and Half-orc Fighter Cleric and Assassin. All are multi-part models, and will require assembly. They are supplied unpainted.

The models were hand-sculpted by David Soderquist and John Winter. They vary in height from 18mm to around 28mm tall to the eyes, and are cast in pewter in the UK. Each set is supplied with a pack of 12 traditional plastic slotta bases for those modellers who wish to create their own base environments. The miniatures are packed in a carry-case with a foam liner made by Feldherr, Germany.