DD12 – Orcus, Prince of the Undead


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This is a model set from our range of Demons & Devils.  These sets are designed to provide you with an array of infernal denizens of the underworld to challenge your brave adventurers. From the lowly and despicable lemure devils, to the horrific Orcus, Demon Prince of the Undead, there’s plenty hear to add a little piece of Hell to your tabletops, with more to come over the next year or so.

This is Orcus, Prince of the Undead, the most powerful of all demons.  He is immensely strong, and he can strike with his huge fists in combat to terrible effect.  His tail can strike to inject a lethal venom, and he carries the Wand of Death, a magical artifact that can draw the life out of any being that it touches.  He has a vast array of magical abilities at his disposal, and can summon demons and undead creatures to do his bidding.  He has the appearance of a vast, bloated man with the head of a goat and wings of a bat.

This model was hand-sculpted by Drew Williams.  It is a multi-part miniature (7 parts) which requires careful assembly, and is not recommended for inexperienced modellers.  It stands at 64mm tall to the eyes, is cast in pewter, and is not supplied with a plastic slotta-base.

All our miniatures are sold unassembled and unpainted.