DGN1 – White Dragon


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This is a model from our range of Dragons; the iconic monsters of many heroic fantasy gaming campaigns.  From the frozen wastes of the wild Northlands, to the desolate swamps of the Southern Marshlands, the tangled Forest of Klem, the barren Eastern Wastes and the harsh mountain peaks of Cloudfall, all are home to majestic and ferocious Dragons.

This is our White Dragon; a cunning and devious foe, hugely powerful, and with a terrifying breath-weapon of freezing ice, this is the ultimate foe of many an epic fantasy campaign.

This large model is a 8-piece kit, sculpted by Andrew May. It is cast in pewter, it comes with a laser-cut plastic base, and it is supplied in a foam-lined box.

This large model is 135mm long from snout to tail, it measures 55mm high to the eyes, and the scenic base is 55mm across.

This is a fairly complex and heavy kit, and it is not recommended for inexperienced modellers.