DM21 – Carrion Worm


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This is a miniature from our range of Dungeon Monsters, denizens of the deep, dark places of your fantasy gaming campaigns.  Some are benign, and willing to assist brave adventurers as they explore the underworld; but most are malicious and powerful foes.

This model represents a carrion worm; a horrible and dangerous creature, with a grub-like body, beetle-like legs and a set of flailing tentacles which can paralyze and unwary victim.  Although these creatures often feed on detritus and carrion, they are not averse to taking on live prey if they are hungry enough, and they usually are!

This model was hand-sculpted by Paul Muller.  It is a highly detailed and dynamically posed miniature, which will be a challenge to all but the most competent, patient and well-equipped modellers.  If you’re not confident in building multi-piece castings (this one has 28 parts), then this model is not for you!  It is 38mm tall, cast in pewter, and supplied with a 50mm plastic slotta-base.  A small block of pewter is also provided, to sit the body on while the lower legs are glued in place.  This should be removed when the model is complete.

All our miniatures are sold unassembled and unpainted.