FS15b – Greater Familiars (5)


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This is a model set from our range of Fantasy Scenics.  These sets are designed to accessorise your tabletop dungeon scenery, adding statues, treasure chests, sarcophagi, the remains of careless adventurers, and other furniture and detritus often found in the dusty corners of your favourite underground complexes.

This is another accessory pack for magic user players.  It represents the 4 creatures most likely to be summoned as the result of a ‘special’ roll during the casting of a find familiar spell; a quasit, a pseudo-dragon, a brownie and an imp.  The pack also includes a homunculus, a favourite familiar of evil magic users and clerics.

The models were hand-sculpted by Stephen May, Kev Adams and Andrew Rae.  They are all single-part miniatures which require no assembly work.  They range in height from 11mm to 15mm, are cast in pewter, and are supplied with 20mm round plastic slotta-bases.

All our miniatures are sold unassembled and unpainted.