WE19a – Giant Boar I



This is a miniature pack from our range of Wilderness Encounters, denizens of the tangled forests, desolate moors and fetid swamps of your fantasy gaming campaigns.  Many are benign, and willing to assist brave adventurers as they explore the wilds; but many more are malicious and powerful foes.

This model represents a giant boar; a huge mammal, found in forested areas across the world.  Although they are herbivores, and do not actively hunt prey, they are fiercely territorial, and will attack immediately if their young are threatened.  This model is standing still, looking like it is ready to charge.

The giant boar models were sculpted by Jo Brumby.  They are single-piece castings, so no assembly is required.  They stand at around 25mm tall to the shoulder, and they are each supplied with a 40mm plastic slotta-base.

All our miniatures are sold unassembled and unpainted.