WE30 – Giant Leeches (4)


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This is a miniature pack from our range of Wilderness Encounters, denizens of the tangled forests, desolate moors and fetid swamps of your fantasy gaming campaigns.  Many are benign, and willing to assist brave adventurers as they explore the wilds; but many more are malicious and powerful foes.

This set of models represents a group of 4 giant leeches; horrible parasites which frequent many wet regions of the world.  They prefer to live in swamps and bogs, but can sometimes be encountered in slow-flowing rivers and streams.  They attach themselves to their prey, holding on relentlessly as they suck its blood.

The models were sculpted by John Pickford.  They are single-piece castings, so no assembly is required.  They measure between 35 and 45mm in length, and are cast in pewter.  They are supplied with 25mm plastic slotta-bases.

All our miniatures are sold unassembled and unpainted.