DT8 – Haffrung Helleyes (3)


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This is a model from our range of officially licensed miniatures for the iconic Dark Tower module, now published by Goodman Games.

This set of models features the 3 bodies used by the evil magic user Haffrung Helleyes.

The trio are Grom, described in the original module as ‘Big, dumb and handsome’, Skelly, ‘a very beautiful, dark-haired young woman’, and Orson, who is ‘large, dense and tough-looking, always armed with a broadsword’.  All 3 miniatures are cast in pewter as single-piece models.  They vary in height from 34mm tall to 27mm, and all are supplied with 25mm round plastic bases.

The 3 miniatures were sculpted by Tim Prow, based on new concept artwork by Jennell Jaquays.

All of our miniatures are supplied unassembled and unpainted.