DM40d – Earth Elemental


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This is a miniature from our range of Dungeon Monsters, denizens of the deep, dark places of your fantasy gaming campaigns.  Some are benign, and willing to assist brave adventurers as they explore the underworld; but most are malicious and powerful foes.

This model represents an earth elemental; a mighty being from the elemental plain of earth, often summoned and bound to service by a powerful magic user.  They can be immensely destructive creatures if they manage to escape the thrall of their masters.

This model was hand-sculpted by Paul Muller.  It is a multi-piece casting (2 parts), so some assembly is required.  It stands at 62mm tall, and is cast in resin.  This model is supplied with a 50mm round plastic slotta-base.

All our miniatures are sold unassembled and unpainted.