FS14 – War Dogs (2)


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This is a model set from our range of Fantasy Scenics.  These sets are designed to accessorise your tabletop dungeon scenery, adding statues, treasure chests, sarcophagi, the remains of careless adventurers, and other furniture and detritus often found in the dusty corners of your favourite underground complexes.

This is a pair of war dogs; commonly used by adventurers as guards for their camps, and extra combat support for dungeon expeditions.  They are similar in breed to mastiffs.  One wears a heavy studded leather collar, the other has a studded leather harness.

The models were hand-sculpted by Stephen May.  They are single-part miniatures which require no assembly work.  They are approximately 17mm tall, cast in pewter, and supplied with 25mm round plastic slotta-bases.

All our miniatures are sold unassembled and unpainted.