NP8 – Brazen Strumpet


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This is a single miniature from our range of non-player characters; archetypal fantasy denizens to add flavour to your town and city encounters.

This figure represents a brazen strumpet, a lady of the night, a frequent inhabitant of a fantasy tavern or city street.  She wears a blouse and bodice, and far too much make-up!  It is a single-piece casting which requires no assembly.

When deciding on a name for this character, I picked up my old, battered 1st edition AD&D Dungeon Master’s Guide to consult the table on page 192.  I rolled a 22.  Thanks, Gary!

This model was hand-sculpted by Ian Mountain. It is 28mm tall to the eyes, cast in pewter, and is supplied with a 25mm round plastic slotta-base.

All our miniatures are sold unassembled and unpainted.